Re-financing your infrastructure projects at competitive rates with longer duration, serves to further strengthen financial viability and returns. Besides executing partial takeout of the senior debt and providing structured benefits like moratorium and back-ended repayment schedule, it improves the risk profile and leads to stronger credit rating for projects, and upgrades their marketability to the Capital Markets.

There's always room for improvement, even at the top. Competitive interest rates coupled with structured benefits lead to sustained cash flows. This improves project valuations and transforms them into attractive investment opportunities for investors.

With primarily fixed rate funding, all projects stay insulated from fluctuating finanacial markets, thus improving their long term viability and profitability. As for investments, it creates a stable risk return profile through regulatory ring-fencing of asset exposure of Infradebt.

Built on strong foundations, the Infradebt IDFNBFC framework was conceived by the Ministry of Finance and it has been operationalized by four of India's leading financial institutions - ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, Citicorp Finance India Limited and Life Insurance Corporation of India.